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I've got the sweetness of a Pineapple, the grace of a Dolphin, and jokes as good as your Dads.

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The Flyin'Hawaiian Show

Entertainment with Aloha

Imagine a three-ring circus and a Hawaiian vacation had a baby -- that's the  Flyin' Hawaiian Show.  Having delighted audiences in over 10 countries and performed in 6 languages, this family show is loved around the world.

With the zest and sweetness of a pineapple, grace of a dolphin, and jokes as great as your Dad's, Sara will whisk you away to the best vacation/most thrilling circus show you have ever experienced.


Acrobatic hula-hoop performance, contortion, and interactive comedy and improvisation all come to an exciting finale upon a 15’ high coconut tree you have to see to believe. 

You've never seen a hula-hoop show like this, nor have you ever been on a holiday vacation quite as entertaining as this one.  It's the best of  both worlds so sit back, have a laugh, and enjoy the show. 


Allison Williams, Artistic Director Dundas Buskerfest, Canada

Sara captivated our audience with her sassy, family-friendly show. Her unique theme and high skill level stand out in a crowded field, and her kindness, positivity, and professionalism make her a joy to work with. She delighted our guests and made me look good to my bosses! 


Micah M, Audience Member 

Your sense of humor was fantastic & your energy is very positive & contagious.  I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of you & your show.  Take care & I hope you have continued safe & successful shows. ALOHA & Mahalo!  

Venice Fahey, Spokesperson Seaport Village Busker Festival, USA

Sara was a true pleasure to work with. She was incredibly professional and had the best attitude leading up to and during the event. Crowds LOVED her show - she was an amazing addition to our festival and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible act for their event. 


About Sara

You can get the full story on how I got here and my island roots in this cover story in MidWeek Hawaii.

I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, doing sports and martial arts throughout adolescence and eventually studying Fine Arts at the University of Oregon with a focus on abstract oil painting.

One day, a friend I'll never forget gave me a hula hoop, and within a few weeks, I was addicted! I finished my degree as quickly as possible, and worked 30 hours a week to get my uncoordinated and far-from-gymnastic body to circus school in China. 


By 2012 I was studying my passions of contortion and hula hoops at Beijing International Arts School. Sadly I broke my back, but did that stop me? Of course not!

After a brief hiatus and countless hours of Physical Therapy, I hit the ground running by winning the 2013 Hoopurbia scholarship in Prague for Contemporary dance, yoga, and hula hooping. It was on that trip I left my normal life behind and became a full-time performer.

Based in Berlin since 2013, I happily began performing in German variety shows and touring the European street festival circuit. In 2015 my dream show, 'The Flyin Hawaiian' became reality, and I've shared pineapple helmets, coconut-tree climbing, and the aloha spirit around the world ever since. 

Today I live in Boston, USA between tours and have the privilege of working  among some of the best performers in the world as part of the Faneuil Hall Street Performers program. I love teaching contortion locally  at ESH Circus Arts, and am an active member of the Boston Circus Guild.





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