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Youtube, Creating, & depression

I made a promise to myself to create one video per week for an entire year starting October 2022. As it happens I was also pretty damn depressed all month and despite my fantastic plans to create the videos I planned, I just *couldn't even*. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when we're in a funk is be honest.

So, instead of pretending everything perfect I decided to be honest in this video, keep the makeup off, keep the greasy hair, and honor my feelings by being honest with myself and my audience. With all the imperfections, I hope this video reminds those of you who struggle (so like... everyone, right?) that it's OK to talk about it, and that honesty about our mental health makes the world a kinder place.

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This video is no makeup, no bullsh*t real talk. After overthinking, being sad, and failing to get a recording of my planned video done I realized I gotta admit I've been in a funk. Dealing with depression and anxiety is not new to me, and I think talking about our mental health is one of the things that will make the world better. Despite my great plans to make another self-care and stress reduction video, I had to give in to my burnout, and mood, and be honest about what I want out of making videos. So here's a very authentic video about why I'm making videos again, and what to expect.

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