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Overcoming Pain on the Worlds Coolest Pilgrimage Hike

(this is part 2 of three in the Kumano Kodo series)

People often find that pain and laughter go hand in hand. That was certainly the case on day two barefoot on the trail when I struggled for 6.5 miles and over 1.7k altitude gain. After the cold water dip and undulating hills of day one, I thought I was ready to take on day two. Little did I know day two would be the day that helped me re-realize the importance of rest and staying open minded.

With high wind and temps in the low 40s I stepped one foot in front of the other all while questioning life decisions, visiting pieces of history, and somehow still laughing-perhaps more than usual. Nature always helps me reconnect with why we push ourselves, and how to be a silly goose in the process.

Resilience often comes with a sense of humor, which is why the stupid dance I did at the end of the video is technically making me a better person. Right? The next and final video on the trail will explore stamps, the idea of pilgrimage, and why the heck we do these things to ourselves

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