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I was in New Zealand during their first Covid Outbreak, here's what i did.

It was another great trip for the books, flying to Queenstown, New Zealand from Hilo, Hawaii to do three long awaited gigs. As out plane got closer I noticed the grey snow capped mountains reminding me that there were still indeed bushfires going on next door in Australia and that perhaps the world is slowly ending. Nah, it'll be fine. I'm going to New Zealand!

For the first time in a long time I stayed in a hostel dorm-don't judge me it was nice and all the private rooms were booked. Night one I'm reminded that it's Chinese New Year because half of Southern China seems to be staying in the hotel. I say hello, practice the little Mandarin Chinese I still remember, then am reminded it's useless because they speak Cantonese in most of China. Oh well, at least I seem worldly. I gear whispers of corona virus but it doesn't really concern me,

Night two I had found and befriended other performers, and we had a late night lake side get together complete with slack lining, acro-yoga, drinks and smokes, and a healthy dose of bad singing paired with bad ukulele playing (compliments of yours truly). We partied and after a long break from it, I had a blast.

Morning three I wake up with the worst hangover ( or corona virus?!) I've ever had. I can barely breathe. I'm sweating. It hurts to talk. I better get out of this shared room. I push past the body aches, weakness, and what I imagine is the sensation asthmatics get, and stick to my plans. Today I'm hiking Queenstown hill. I don't care if I have a mild fever. I'm going to do my barefoot hike up this hill and see Mordor (the view from the top has lord of the rings scenery, yay). Besides, if I am sick being in shared accommodation is one of the worst things I could do.

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