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I'm going to APCA!

After years of almost going followed by years of covid-delays, this this Friday 10/21/22 I'll be showcasing as a speaker for mental health and Title IX at the APCA (Association for promotion of campus activities) . You can see me in the program here (page 23), or see me live between 2:30-3:00pm at the showcase stage. While I will be using my comedy and circus skills, I'll be focusing on my work as the founder of SARA 501c3 (sexual assault recovery assistant)- the first self care platform made for survivors by survivors.

If you miss me live you can get my info and talk to the good people at the Neon Entertainment who are not only representing me as a speaker, but a bunch of other well-curated entertainers, speakers, comedians, musicians, and people who will make campus life better!

I'm so excited to be showcasing this year with my unique speaking style- it incorporates circus tricks as well as some of my standup comedy about mental health. More than anything, the comedy and circus are used as tools to deliver messages about mental health challenge recovery, resilience, and connection.

See ya there!

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