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I'm Sara- a biracial, hard-working, play-loving, recovering perfectionist from Kona, Hawaii.

You may know me as an award-winning comedy + circus performer, mental health speaker, or from my adventures as a primitive survivalist. 


My purpose is to make your life better by bringing you joy through my one-woman comedy+ circus show, and giving you real tools, connection, and inspiration through my mental health keynote  (or a combination of both).   I've won awards for both speaking and my one-woman show, book me to see why.

I  share my insights, experiences, and comedy on stages,  youtube, and the blog page.  One day I hope to run a mindset and adventure retreat on my home island of Hawai'i.

If you like adventure, laughter, and personal growth, get on the mailing list below.  Who knows, maybe you'll get an email inviting you to Hawaii one day!

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My Story

Here's the bullet point version of my life, if you want to hear more then make sure you subscribed to my youtube and blog!

  • Born and raised in Kona, Hawai'i

  •  I lived in China, where I broke my back in Chinese Circus School

  • Traveled to ~30 countries, mostly solo, mostly with my one-woman show.

  • I founded a small nonprofit called SARA 501c3 (Sexual Assault Recovery Assistant) it's the only self-care platform made for survivors by survivors.

  • Right after breaking my back I almost died from hemorrhagic dengue fever, chikungunya, and Hep E. Fun.

  • I am a huge believer in the healing power of nature

  • This deep love and my healing journey brought me to become a primitive survivalist, yay!

  • I lived through trauma+ PTSD and am deeply passionate about mental health and self-care

  • I am good at pretty much anything creative. I'm very bad at math and spellingg.

  • Despite being a performer I'm generally introverted and a bit anxious ;)

  • I also lived in Germany, Malaysia, and a bit in Canada and Italy.  I'm currently based in Boston.

  • I want to make myself and the world around me better, I'm always learning better ways to do that.

  • I've studied Fine Arts (bachelor), acrobatics (ouch), Ui Design (useful), Clown (why not), primitive survival (I like nature), improv, standup, speaking, acting, and basically anything that happens on stage.


The best way to stay in touch is by subscribing to my blog and social media.

For speaking, one-woman shows, or comedy submit directly via the entertainment or speaking pages.  I am represented by GLBerg Entertainment outside of New England, and Neon Entertainment for the college market.

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