What began as an examination of contemporary dance while I was participating as the scholarship winner in the 2013 Hoopurbia Prague, has grown into a force of movement and emotion that I still get excited about.  In this piece  an arm full of hula hoops represent the daily challenges we inherently encounter, and the variety of ways we address or deny them.

Oxias Domino  demonstrates the exploration of the relationship between object and object manipulator, where  control is given and taken between performer and prop.  This is a contemporary performance riddled with traditional multi-hoop tricks.

Technical requeriments

Space: 4mts x 6mts. (spacing requirement is flexible)
Height: 6 mts. (requirement is flexible)
Duration: 5 min (extension up to 30 min available)
Play area: hard and flat.
Audience:: all ages.
Set up: 5 min

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Mandarin Chinese