Born  and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, I experienced life in a world of ‘Aloha’ 
 (Hawaiian for love) which taught me to take the most amazing  parts of experiences and share them with the world.
   After completing my degree in Fine Arts, I began my circus journey which has had me touring for performance and training since 2009.   

I began performing around the world to share my art, inspiration, joy of life, and give back to people all around the world.  After winning the 2013 HOOPURBIA scholarship award I moved to Berlin, Germany which now serves as my base along with Kona, Hawaii US,  to perform all around the world with stage, street, custom,and corporate performances.
    I LOVE what I do and make it my adventure and purpose to bring the joy of circus arts to as many people as I can around the world.  

For more information about my performances, adventures, 
and general information please explore my site.